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Why Closing The Digital Divide Is So Important?

Ever since the pandemic, we have been doing everything online. In fact, we were forced to do so. The digitization of the world accelerated within the last year and it kept us safe and sound at home. Millions of COVID 19 infections and deaths were prevented as a result of the digital technology and digitizations. While in isolation and in quarantines in our home, we quietly did our work with the help of best backup solutions malaysia, we communicated with our family on Zoom, had long night chats with our friends to keep us sane and even tried new video games. Whatever that the internet provided us for our sanity, we did it. 

However, not everyone has this privilege. The majority of the world population may have digital technologies such as 3G and 4G. But they don’t use it, nor do they know how to. This is a result of a very clear digital divide around the globe, that is now becoming a global crisis as well.

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Many struggles as a result of the digital divide in the current age and time. This is not only an exception of the poorer countries but also for those in well-developed countries. The digital divide rises from so many different issues in the community. For one, it is recognized as people’s incapacity and lack of digital skills. Secondly, it is the lack of access to good internet service and its affordability. Thirdly, people do not have the means or devices to actually use the internet. The latter issues are prominent in poorer parts of the world while the first issue is more visible in developing and developed countries. 

No matter what the underlying cause for the digital divide may be, the closing of the gap and divide is so important today. Let’s discuss how closing the divide will change the entire world and its significance. 

Reduce Inequality 

Inequality has long plagued the parts of the world with poorer internet access. People with little to no digital skills and with limited access to the internet have restricted opportunities in education and career growth. There is a major unequal distribution of opportunities that results from one’s access to the internet. People who are internet savvy progress in their careers while those who do not have digital literacy remain in lower-paying jobs. People who may know digital skills but having no access also remain at the lower end of the opportunities. 

Inequality is not only limited to one’s career growth but also education. Equal opportunities education hindered within the community if one is missing out on the benefits of the digital technology revolutions. People’s attitude towards the internet has changed and motivation to use it is at an all-time high. But better accessible measures need to be in place to ensure equality for all. Especially in the face of the pandemic. Besides education, health inequalities also occur as a result of digital illiteracy and internet limitations. People have much less access to health networks, health content and their awareness on important subjects is also restricted. 

When we close digital gaps and divides, we are also reducing the inequality people face around the world by giving them the opportunity for education, career growth, and health services. 

Inclusion Of Everyone 

Closing the digital divide also helps everyone by making the community much better in terms of its social functions. The active participation of the community increases and their inclusivity grows. When people are included in the development, they are connected to one another. They can expand their professional network as well as personal network. This again provides more and more opportunities that are essential for our own growth. More than that, this inclusivity is also important for economic growth as well. A country cannot grow without people growing as well. 

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