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Top Online Web Design Tools To Help Your Website Look It’s Best

In today’s online age, web design has become a crucial aspect of building websites; whether they’re made for personal or business purposes. After all, a functional website without pleasing aesthetics can look incredibly dull and uninspiring, while a website that’s nothing but visual eye candy with no functional substance can be ridiculously difficult to navigate. Within an online world saturated with all types of content, it’s very easy for a dull or difficult website to get lost among the competition – so if you want your website, and by extension your business, to gain traffic and stay relevant? A proper web design can help you achieve that. 

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Considering the growing importance of web design to most businesses around the globe, many helpful web design tools have increasingly cropped up in the digital space. These are applications and website builders that make available a whole plethora of valuable tools, all geared towards helping you make a website that’s visually-appealing, easily functionable, and helps represent the aesthetics and tone of your brand. So whether you’re looking for website design service Penang, or Kuala Lumpur, or anywhere local or worldwide, here are some of the top online web design tools to help your website look it’s best! 

1. WordPress 

WordPress, commonly shortened as WP, is likely one of the most popular go-to online web design tools worldwide. An utterly free online content management solution, WordPress is equipped with all sorts of plug-ins and available themes to help you accordingly tailor your website, and it’s accompanying pages and content, to the needs of both yourself and your business. With an easily understandable user interface, SEO-friendly features, and all sorts of available additions that can help improve engagement with readers (such as a comment section), WordPress is definitely one of the top online web design tools to design the website of your choice! 

2. Wix 

Another free online website builder, Wix is another popular web design choice for those who want to create an aesthetic business website. The website builder offers a plethora of different website templates fittingly organized into different categories of use, whether it’s for business, a personal blog, a portfolio and CV, and many more. This offers a streamlined user experience for those aiming to build a specific website, and also allows them to be spoilt for choice among the variety of available templates that may be used and tailored to fit their needs. And if you’d rather not use a pre-existing template? Wix also offers blank templates and an easily navigational interface for the more creative among us to work from the ground-up.

3. Figma 

Figma is another online web design tool that is especially distinct in it’s focus on collaboration. A cloud-based website builder, Figma can not only help you build a website, it can also allow for several team members to all contribute, edit, design, and even leave comments on the web design for a truly collaborative web building experience. If you believe the classic saying of ‘two heads being better than one’, chances are, you and your team members will be able to make something truly engaging, functional, and fun for your web visitors with your collective pool of resources, talents, and creativity! 

Web design has certainly become a very important, yet difficult to accomplish, aspect to building an online business presence in today’s digital age. But if you’re equipped with effective tools like the ones mentioned above? Maybe it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. 

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