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Scuba Diving: All You Need To Know About It

Scuba diving is the activity of exploring underwater and marine life using the help of equipment. This activity gives people the opportunity to explore a realm and life that people have never imagined before. Countless observations can be made and it has several implications on human life, sustainability, and our environment.  Over the course of the years, many have taken up the activity of scuba diving and have mastered it and certified to be scuba divers. It is a somewhat complicated process to get the hang of it since we are emerging ourselves into a world we are not familiar with. Yet the colors and the impressive wildlife simply pulls us back into the ocean for just one more dip. 

Many people go to different countries all over the world for scuba diving. Did you know that scuba diving is not only a thing for sunny, hot, tropical countries? Many go for scuba diving malaysia opportunities, the Philippines, Australia, and other places with exceptional beaches, blue waters, and amazing tropics. However, these countries are not the only places for scuba diving. Countries like Iceland have some amazing scuba diving spots that are yet to be discovered. Many don’t think of South Africa when we talk about scuba diving but this is also one of the places where you can discover the wildest and biggest marine life species around the world. 

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Each country has a selection of unique diving spots. For example, Indonesia can give us the opportunity to dive in caves while the Philippines gives us the opportunity to dive with sharks. The Maldives is a hot spot for diving with Manta rays and dolphins as well as exceptionally colorful corals and lagoons. In some parts of the world, you can even enjoy many different shipwrecks that are filled with artificial reefs and coral growth and ofcourse, the exceptional history behind it.

Is Scuba Diving Safe?

Scuba diving is a very safe and sound activity and it is not exactly as dangerous as depicted by horror films. But this is a sport that can give us once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and can also open us to some dangerous situations. Coming to the point of safety, it is given that any activity is filled with some specific risks. 

While scuba diving is generally safe, even it carries some physical and mental risks. Scuba diving has more dangerous risks such as decompression sickness in which bubbles form in your body because of quick changes in pressure from the water to air. It can also cause oxygen toxicity, air or gas embolism, and hypothermia. But all of these are things that can be avoided with a good partner and some extra precautions. Most of these incidents are quite uncommon and it is more common only if you are scuba diving alone. It is always advised to take a partner with you when out in the ocean. 

Scuba diving can be exciting and also dangerous. While weighing out the pros and cons it is important to think about how wonderful it is to explore a world so beautiful! 

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