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Preconceived Notions Toward Communication Students

The communication field is undoubtedly one of the most underrated spectrums ever stigmatized. Notwithstanding the amount of effort communication undergraduates put in to achieve academic excellence, they are constantly being downgraded for not being part of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) specialization. While the STEM curriculum is somewhat important as a contributor to boosting science literacy, communication pervades many aspects of human life. Though it is a fundamental skill bestowed to human beings upon birth, there are multiple dimensions under the massive umbrella of communication. Here are few preconceived notions are given to communication undergraduates by the ignorant general public of which this article aims to debunk : 

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Communication Major Is Pointless And Lacks Job Opportunities 

If you have long been furthering your studies in degree programs related to communication, this statement may not be strange to your ears. The majority perceive majors as providing little to no career advancement for university students, but little did they apprehend that this very spectrum is relatively wide thus the abundance of job opportunities. To put this into perspective, there are multiple dimensions with regards to communication, a few of which are broadcasting, journalism, public relations, integrated marketing communication, so on and so forth; and the audacity of the public to claim this precise major as pointless and lacking future prospects. 

Communication Undergraduates Are Mostly Lazy

Many perceive communication students as taking the easy way out because they are doing less than everybody else. How sure are you to judge the amount of workload and responsibilities they were assigned to without further knowledge? As a matter of fact, communication is more prone towards practicality rather than theoretical; thus the essentiality to work on replicated projects requires them to do assignments as though they are working for a client. To illustrate, communication students are taught crisis management, thus their projects usually revolve around resolving a case study and come up with appropriate responses on behalf of the company.

Other than that, they are highly obliged to devise their personality and creativity when completing their projects and assignments. They may be required to build a website for a replicated client with suitable copywriting and contents made from scratch without plagiarism of any sort to prepare them in case of their future employment in a branding company. Talking about copy and content writing, it is not the easiest of missions to complete ever. Writing involves the deployment of grammatical knowledge and sentence-constructing skills that merge to produce a writing piece as sophisticated as it could be, yet easily comprehensive. Writing for the sake of submission and writing pieces that sell are two different tasks, and a writer must be equipped with both. If you can’t write even a short sentence that can help your client to generate profit, kindly excuse yourself from downgrading the efforts of communication students. 

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